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Roz Bedel

Senior Consultant
Arrow Performance Group

Rachel Hubbard,  MA 

Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

Yvonne Vasquez 

Medical & Community Interpreter

I sought Maria's advice on a project for Arrow Performance Group (APG). Maria acted as an expert advisor to me for a project with a large commercial client. Maria helped me develop a strategy for surveying the client's non-English speaking employees, in a live focus group setting. This helped APG obtain a high response rate and meaningful results. I would certainly call upon Maria's expertise again in the future when working in a multicultural environment.

Maria has been a trusted consultant and advisor of our work with the CLAS standards and a willing supporter of our recent efforts and focus on Equity in Adams County.  Her ability to intentionally individualize support and guidance is exceptional. She listens to organizational and individual needs before developing objectives which allows for a deeper partnership to be developed and nurtured.  We have greatly benefited from working with Maria and so have our partners. 

As a professional medical and community  interpreter of 12 years,  I have had the privilege of working closely with Maria. Through the years I have witnessed her passion for not only serving the community directly but also educating professionals in better serving the community as a whole. Maria's integrity is un-wavered and her work ethic exemplary. Anyone working with Maria will find her an asset to their company.

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Colorado Department of Human Services

    • Office of Behavioral Health ​

    • Community Prevention & Early Intervention

  • Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

  • Arrow Performance Group

  • AlphaSights

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